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Approved cec's: 0.7 ace, 7.0 afaa, 0.7 nasm, 7.0 scw


  • A completely different and turn-key approach to tabata training that "ups the ante" for every facility's HIIT programming
  • An easy-to-implement and _exciting to teach _workout with various HIIT timing patterning principles.
  • The perfect combo of movement, motivation, and maximum engagement among participants - MORE THAN just a Group X class!
  • Top facilities across the nation, including YMCA's, JCC's, large chain clubs, colleges and universities utilize our certification program and are holding packed tabata classes each week.
  • Every Tabata GX™ certification workshop is taught by fully accredited fitness professionals who are leaders in the fitness industry*
Tabata GX Creator - Mindy Mylrea

Tabata GX Creator

Mindy Mylrea

Mindy Mylrea is the recipient of the 2017 CanFitPro Lifetime Achievement Award, 2016 Empower Instructor of the Year, 2015 PFP Trainer of the Year. 2015 International Presenter of the Year, 2013 CanFitPro Specialty Presenter of the Year, 2008 ECA OBOW Fitness Presenter of the Year, the 2004 Can Fit Pro International Presenter of the Year, the 1999 International IDEA Fitness Instructor of the Year, a National and World Aerobic Champion, an AVIA sponsored athlete, and a five star presenter for IDEA.

Mindy is an advisory board member for Oxygen Magazine, an international presenter, author, motivational speaker, video personality, and CEC provider for both ACE and AFAA.

Mindy is the creator and lead talent behind Gliding®, the Gliding discs exercise program. She is a Program Specialist and on the pro development team for Schwinn® Cycling, Body Bar®, and Bosu®.

Mindy is the creator of Tabata Bootcamp™ that earned Most Impactful Program of 2013, and owner of FitFlix Productions DVD production services. She has authored numerous articles and stars in over 400 instructional videos. Mindy is currently the host of Orbitrek Elite and 6 Minutes to Slim It infomercials. Mindy donates her time and talents regularly to numerous charities and nonprofit organizations. Mindy is the mother of three boys, been married for 32 years, and lives in Santa Cruz, California.

Tabata GX Program Specialists

About the Tabata GX Program:

Turn-Key Programming

Tabata GX™ is an easy-to-implement and exciting to teach workout with patterning principle of various HIIT timing.

A Workout for All Fitness levels

Tabata GX™ is NOT a HIIT program only for the fit to get fitter. This is a program for the UNFIT to GET FIT...and for the FIT to get FITTER!

The "WHY" That's Been Missing in HIIT

You may be teaching HIIT but don’t know exactly why. Tabata GX™ explains the science and provides the sizzle.

Smarts and Science

If you've been teaching Tabata for a while without seeing huge gains in fitness and decreases in weight, then perhaps you aren’t teaching Tabata the right way. If you aren't seeing the retention you desire in your classes, then it's time for a change. Tabata GX™ offers the smarts, science, and system.

Tons of Timing and Variation Options

Tabata GX™ is grounded on not only the science of why HIIT is so affective, but this turn-key program hands you the keys to a class unlike any other. Whether you teach 30-45-60 minutes Tabata GX™ provides a plug and play patterning principle that take into account every aspect of work to rest ratio and timing knowledge.

With the Tabata GX™ Certification, You’ll Receive:
  • A complete turn-key program to start teaching your own Tabata GX™ classes
  • Flexible class formats to teach a 30-min, 45-min, or 60-min workout for all fitness levels
  • Pre-choreographed templates and options to create your own workouts
  • Approved for CEC's by ACE, AFAA, NASM, and SCW
  • Simply attend a 1-day training sessions and start teaching the next day
Directors Love Tabata GX

Three Amazing Programs to Choose From

Tabata GX

Tabata GX

6-Hr Live In-Person Tabata GX Instructor Certification with Program Specialist. Experience the newest and most revolutionary approach to group exercise, high intensity interval training and tabata protocol - putting your group exercise programming into overdrive.

  • The “WHY” and “HOW” of effective HIIT training.
  • How to structure 30-min, 45-min, and 60-min classes for all fitness levels.
  • The correct amount of work to rest in order to achieve maximum results that are achievable for anyone.
  • Key exercises to implement into a high-energy HIIT class, and how to pattern them efficiently.
  • How to correctly fuse games, challenges, and other collaborative facets into a workout, and when to do them.
  • The perfect balance of cardio and strength flow with creative rest sections that challenge balance, proprioception, memory, and skill development.
  • How to use motivational coaching and cueing so participants feel engaged, empowered, and successful.
  • Progressions and regressions for maximum success for every fitness level.
  • The 3 components that any group exercise needs to assure participants want to return again and again.
  • The key traits that take a good instructor to GREAT.
  • 7.0 AFAA
  • 0.7 ACE
  • 0.7 NASM
  • 7.0 SCW
  • Print & Electronic Instructor Manual
  • Certificate of Completion
  • Instructor Web Account with initial workout choreography & educational videos
  • Opportunity for ongoing education, discounts on equipment and apparel
Successful Bootcamp Business

Successful Bootcamp Business

3.5 Hr Live In-Person specialty certification for both independent professionals and professionals teaching at the facility that teaches how to implement successful 6-week and 8-week bootcamps that achieve recruitment, revenue generation, and retention success.

  • How to structure 6-week and 8-week bootcamps and SGT programs that create amazing results and create retention.
  • The formula for creating a super support small group culture that is crucial for both client and overall program success.
  • What the other 23 hours of the day mean for your clients and how to keep them on track outside of the workout – WHILE cementing your value.
  • How to structure 30-min, 45-min, and 60-min classes for all fitness levels.
  • How to create more movement throughout the day for your clients, and how to help them establish positive habit-forming behaviors.
  • Foundational nutrition strategies proven for success.
  • How to fuse exercise, nutrition, and behavioral change together to create maximum sustained success.
  • Planning, implementation and program launch logistics for bootcamps and SGT.
  • How to lead effective and motivational fitness assessments, and how to take measurements in an appropriate, compassionate, and meaningful way that will MOTIVATE your clients.
  • The “must-haves” in any results-driven and revenue-generating SGT or bootcamp program.
  • How, when implemented and run correctly, bootcamps and SGT can help augment other programming/departments at your facility, or other offerings through your training services.
  • 4.0 AFAA
  • 0.4 ACE
  • 0.4 NASM
  • 4.0 SCW
  • Print & Electronic Instructor Manual
  • Certificate of Completion
  • Instructor Web Account with initial workout choreography & educational videos
  • Opportunity for ongoing education and complete customized website to manage your program
  • Discounts on equipment and apparel
Fluid Strength

Fluid Strength

Fluid Strength is miraculous movement that matters with integrated, challenging patterns of flowing perfection. Gain strength while challenging balance, coordination, and power. Each sequenced pattern offers progressions and regressions for every fitness level and combinations that grow from a solid base but has endless possibilities.

  • The "WHY" and "HOW" of strength and flexibility training integrating connection and flow.
  • Experience true moments in movement that steer away from traditional and explore profound moments in movement that challenge all the senses.
  • Learn Fluid Strengths prepare, practice, and peace patterning method that is unique to the Fluid Strength philosophy.
  • Easily implement Fluid Strength in any class time 30-min, 45-min, and 60-min and adaptable for all fitness levels.
  • Key exercises to gain strength while challenging balance, coordination, mindfulness and power.
  • How to correctly integrate strength sequences with powerful mind messaging that links together to create experiences in movement.
  • Learn new ways to coach and cue so participants reach further, feel more successful, and achieve optimal success.
  • Each sequenced pattern offers progressions and regressions for every fitness level while the combinations grow from a solid foundation to endless possibilities
  • Being a Fluid Strength instructor allows you the opportunity to go beyond traditional start-and-stop choreography and explore all possibilities that the body has to offer.
  • 4.0 AFAA
  • 0.4 ACE
  • 0.4 NASM
  • Workbook
  • Downloadable Fluid Strength workout
  • Fluid Strength Trainer web site that includes the Exercise Library, teaching techniques video, class breakdown video, and many other teaching tools
  • 4 CECs

Everything You Need to Begin Teaching Tabata GX and Bootcamps Anywhere, Right Away!

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